2008 Membrella Membrane canopy

Prototype Design

Project Team: Jeffrey P. Turko (Project Coordination), Daniel Coll i Capdevila, Gudjon Erlendsson, Mattia Gambardella, Pavel Hladik, Michael U. Hensel, Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel, Steinar Killi (Rapid Prototyping)

Engineering: Buro Happold London.

This design for a prototype of a membrane canopy evolved as part of a series of membrane array projects by OCEAN including the Bylgia Membrane Array at FRAC Center in Orléans, France, and the Luminous Veil Membrane Screen in Izmir, Turkey, as well as the Membrane Spaces research by members of OCEAN.

Rendered view of the Membrella prototype.
Rendered view of the Membrella prototype.
Exploded axonometric view of the Membrella prototype showing the base, the structural frame and the membrane array.

Rapid prototype model showing the structural frame, tension cables and the edges of the textile membranes.