2008 Bylgia Membrane Array

Installation Design @ FRAC, Orleans, France

Project Team: Michael U. Hensel (Design Coordination), Defne Sunguro─člu Hensel, Toni Kotnik, Daniel Coll i Capdevila

Construction Team: Michael U. Hensel, Defne Sunguro─člu Hensel & Francois Jupin (FRAC)

The Bylgia membrane installation was design for the 2008 OCEAN exhibition Conception Performative at the FRAC Centre in Orleans. The installation consisted of 62 membranes set within a branching cable-net. The installation together with the lighting system were designed to visually erase the transition between the physical installation and the shadows cast by them. In so doing the installation drew attention to the interaction between object and environment and the resulting effects.

View of the membrane installation and exhibition design from the entrance area.
View of the membrane installation and exhibition design towards the entrance area.
Membrane and their shadows blend into a field of light effects.
Digital model of the membrane installation.